European X-Ray Spectrometry Conference – EXRS, 24-28 June 2024, Athens I Greece

24-28 June 2024, Athens I Greece

LynXes Innovation Ltd. was one of the proud Silver Sponsors of the EXRS biennial conference, held in Athens, Greece this summer. Since 1984 EXRS has become a traditional meeting for scientists from around the world working in X-Ray Spectrometry or using one of its numerous applications. Scientists, engineers, and exhibitors were cordially invited to join the conference, present their work, and learn about new developments in the field.

EXRS represents an exciting discussion forum for basic research and applications of X-Ray spectrometry in a vast array of fields, such as Materials Science, Chemistry, Radiation Physics, Medicine, Biology, Environment, Cultural Heritage, Technology, and Industry.

The Conference offers the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in theoretical, experimental, and applied X-Ray spectrometry, to discuss with people from all over the world, to share your work and to learn from others.

The scientific program of the conference took place at the Zappeion Megaron, which was situated in the heart of Athens, next to the National Gardens.

We had a great week at our booth and around, and had the chance to
– learn about the latest innovations and technologies;
– engage in insightful discussions with experts;
– explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

A special thank you to our CTO, György Vankó and to our CEO, Zoltán Németh for their impressive oral lectures and presentations! Their insights and expertise truly made an impact.

Taking part in such a special, professional, well-organized Conference was a great experience not only for industry experts and researchers, but all professionals passionate about spectroscopy.

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