EIC Summit 2024

18-21. March 2024, Brussels

It was truly exciting and inspiring to participate in the EIC Summit in Brussels.
During the event, we gained new insights and made valuable connections that will contribute to the growth and innovation of our company.

The EIC Summit 2024, organised this year as part of the Research and Innovation Week, stood out thanks to the participation of over 1600 participants and more than 95 speakers involved in workshops and plenary sessions, and an EIC-funded project exhibition showcasing how EU research and innovation funding impacts society.

Since its first edition, the EIC Summit has established itself as a key event on the European innovation and deep-tech calendar.

Moreover, of course networking is a major element of a conference. This forum provided us with a fantastic opportunity to learn and connect with individuals who help advance Lynxes Innovation Kft.

We are grateful for the chance to be part of this exceptional event and extend our thanks to everyone who contributed to this experience.

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