Our mission

In 1932-34, László von Hámos, a Hungarian descent scientist, published his landmark papers on the use of reflective bent single crystals to produce spherical separation of wavelength dispersive spectrum of polychromatic X-ray radiation with extreme high resolution.

We intend to follow this innovative spirit and offer advanced state-of-the-art high-energy-resolution X-ray spectrometers which work not only at large scale facilities, but in all laboratories.

L. v. Hámos, Annalen der Physik. 5. 252 1934.
XAS data captured with LynX X
LynX E spectrum of K4[Fe(CN)6] vs conventional XRF

The possible use cases range from developing novel materials for batteries or fuel cell systems, understanding and improving nuclear waste management, boost the performance of waste water treatment, etc.

Our product line offers simple and affordable analytic spectrometers to follow the changes of valence state and local symmetry of a chosen element (LynX A), measure local atomic structure of ordered or disordered materials (LynX X), define the spin state and atomic bonds of the element with high sensitivity (LynX E), or combine the above features into a common spectrometer (LynX U).