New horizon on materials analysis

We are thrilled to enter the materials analysis market with a novel, innovative product line. Our solution brings large-scale-facility grade analysis results based on high-energy-resolution X-ray spectroscopies to the laboratory scale both for academic as well as industrial users.

We offer measurement services to provide you the most detailed, element specific information about the electronic structure as well as atomic bonds in your novel materials in many fields like Energy, Green Chemistry, Nuclear Waste management, IT materials, Biotech, etc. See a few examples in the Use case section, or contact us with your ideas and questions.

Our product line is also available to be employed in your own lab to provide you a clear advantage over competition. Contact us to learn about the details.

Fe XES Ka, XES Kβ and K edge XAS spectra of an organometallic iron compound recorded by LynXes spectrometers